Mock Trial

Participating Classes:  Decoding Justice and Government & Economics

The Compass Prep Decoding Justice and Government & Economics classes participate in a mock trial at the end of each academic year.  This simulation of an actual court case provides a hands-on experience of a criminal trial, including jury deliberation where students reach an actual verdict! 

A unique hypothetical criminal case is selected each year. This case includes a detailed scenario, witness statements, evidence, and relevant laws.  Students are assigned roles to play in the trial. These roles can include the defendant, witnesses, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, and even the court sketch artist and jury.  Mrs. Revels is the judge! 

Each Decoding Justice class team (prosecution and defense) prepares their case by reviewing the evidence, preparing opening and closing statements, and developing questions for the witnesses.  The mock trial proceeds much like a real trial. The prosecution and defense present their cases, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and make objections. The judge rules on objections and ensures the trial proceeds according to the rules of court.

The Government & Economics class serves as the jury. They are served for jury duty, respond to their summons, and listen to the case.  After both sides have presented their cases, the jury deliberates and decides on a verdict based on the evidence presented.

Through this process, students gain a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system. They learn about the roles of different people in the courtroom, the importance of evidence, and how a trial proceeds. It also helps students develop critical thinking, public speaking, and teamwork skills.

2023-24 Court Case:  The State of Utopia vs. Fran Lewis

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