About Compass Prep

Compass Prep began in 2011, born out of a need for high school classes for our homeschooled students.  We had a vision of not only having quality courses available but also providing an atmosphere where the students could enjoy hanging out together and learning from each other.  We had been in traditional co-ops previously, which were wonderful when our students were younger.  But our high schoolers were desiring a place to learn and socialize free of younger students in their classes and activities.  Our high schoolers were also needing more accountability to someone besides mom.

Compass Prep Social Group began offering fellowship, activities, leadership and service opportunities as well as sponsoring a place for instructors to offer independent classes. The instructors are employed by the parents and offer a wide range of classes in their passion or discipline.  Additionally, our students learn to meet deadlines, rise to challenges from teachers, and function more independently.

Compass Prep provides a diverse range of courses suitable for students advancing into 8th grade up to those in 12th grade.

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