A non-refundable registration fee per student per year will cover a donation for use of church facilities, liability insurance, and any general expenses for the group. A tuition fee will be charged for each course in addition to the non-refundable registration fee. Tuition fees are due on August 1st for fall semester and December 1st for the spring semester. We break the tuition fees into semester payments, but families are responsible for the entire year. No refunds will be given for classes dropped after tuition has been paid.  Classes will have additional required materials.

A drop fee of $25 per course will be charged for courses dropped after registration.

A late fee of 10% will be assessed for tuition payments that are not turned in by August 1 for the fall or December 1 for the spring.  The late fee increases to 20% for spring payments not made by January 1.

Class fees are paid directly to individual teachers via PayPal (preferred) or by check.  Individualized tuition emails are sent to each parent before each semester with instructions for making payments.

Registration Fee Schedule:

  • Early Registration: Prior to June 1 – $125
  • Regular Registration: June 1 – July 31 – $150
  • Late Registration: After July 31 – $175

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