The Journalism/Yearbook course is dynamic and multifaceted, providing students with a comprehensive platform to explore the world of media and communication. Throughout the academic year, this class engages students in posting regular updates on school events, achievements, and news, ensuring the student body stays informed and connected. A significant component of their curriculum involves recording video newscasts!

In addition to electronic media, journalism students students hone their interpersonal skills and ability to extract compelling narratives through the process of interviewing fellow students, instructors, and parents.  They showcase their ability to report, write, and edit news stories through producing several student newspapers.

Students in the Journalsim/Yearbook course play a pivotal role in capturing and preserving the memories of the Compass Prep academic year. They apply their creativity and technical skills to design and assemble the yearbook, a cherished keepsake that chronicles the experiences and milestones of the student body. Utilizing design software, they create visual layouts that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, ensuring that each page tells a story through a harmonious blend of photographs, text, and graphic elements.

Students take on various roles, from photographers capturing candid moments and significant events, to writers who pen down heartfelt messages and activity descriptions that capture the Compass Prep spirit. They  work collaboratively to design layouts and arrange these elements into cohesive pages that are easy to navigate and enjoyable to read.

As the year progresses, the Yearbook students are tasked with meeting deadlines, making editorial decisions, and managing the distribution of the final product. Their work is a testament to their dedication and serves as a tangible representation of the Compass Prep student body. In essence,  it’s not just about creating a book; it’s about storytelling, teamwork, and the celebration of a year’s worth of achievements and memories! 

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