Compass Prep Policies

The following are the general policies for Compass Prep. A comprehensive handbook will be provided to students and parents upon registration.

Parental Expectations:

  • Courses & Instructors do not replace the parent as the primary educator.
  • Parents are expected to check progress on Canvas & communicate with instructors to ensure their student is accomplishing the required work.
  • Please read ‘Note to Parents’ located at the bottom of this page.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Have a respectful attitude with adults and other students.
  • Be on time for all classes with all materials needed.
  • Choose clothing that is above reproach–appropriate, modest, and neat. We honor God everywhere we go. Please dress in a manner that is appropriate for our church setting.  Note: no spaghetti straps, no midriff shirts, shorts must be at the fingertip, skirt length must not be higher than 4 inches above the knee when standing, undergarments must not be visible.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated. We honor God with how we speak.
  • Complete all assignments as instructed by teachers and tutors.
  • Texting and phone calls are not allowed during class times. Leave distractions at home so that you can stay focused during class times.
  • Students are not permitted to sit in their vehicles in the parking lot. If a student has a gap between classes, he or she must be enrolled in a study hall for that block.
  • During study hall, students must work on course assignments or homework in a calm and focused manner. It is important to note that church staff and certain courses rely on internet connectivity to operate efficiently. Therefore, students may utilize the internet solely for educational purposes. Playing video games or streaming videos or music for entertainment is strictly prohibited. Only students who are officially registered for study hall are permitted to be present in the study hall area.
  • Students may arrive on campus for their first class and leave when their last class of the day is over.  They may not leave campus and then return.
  • Students must leave after Compass Prep is over for the day. There is no loitering in the parking lot after class.

Visitor Policy:

  • Compass Prep is a drop-off program. Parents and siblings may not wait inside the church or in the parking lot while a student is in class. Additionally, students may not bring visitors with them to Compass Prep. Only CP students should be on campus during class meeting days.


  • Please notify course instructors when a student will be absent. Anyone running a fever, vomiting, or experiencing diarrhea in the past 24 hours should stay at home.


  • We partner with parents to provide students with quality social, service, and educational opportunities. In addition to academics, learning to be responsible people with good character is equally important. We have policies to keep everyone safe, respect the host property, and make the day run smoothly. Students are expected to obey authority, listen in class, follow directions, interact kindly with classmates, and display a positive attitude. Students must respect others’ personal space and property, including the host church facility. Compass Prep Rules of Conduct are clearly stated in the handbook. Students are expected to accept responsibility for their behavior and accept the consequences of their actions. Verbal warnings, written warnings, and communication with parents are used when a student infraction occurs. A student may be asked to leave the program if they engage in vandalism of property, an extreme Code of Conduct infraction (such as bringing a weapon on campus or a display of violence, etc), repeated disregard for policies, or repeated refusals to address and improve behavior. *There are no refunds for students who are required to leave the program.*

Inclement Weather:

  • In the event of inclement weather, we will make a decision by 7:30 am on the day of classes and notify everyone through Canvas, by e-mail, and post to all social media groups. Every effort will be made to consider what is best for the majority of our student body based on the available information. CP may proceed with in-person classes, but parents should use their discretion concerning the situation in their particular area. If Hope Fellowship Church is closed, we will also be canceled for the day. The church will notify the board if the church closes, and we will pass along the notification.


  • We are guests of Hope Fellowship Church. They have very graciously provided a comfortable environment for us to learn. We are to be respectful to the property and any church members or guests using the facility.
  • Please place all trash in designated trash cans and clean up after yourself.
  • All church doors will remain locked from the outside during the day. Please use only the designated Compass Prep entrance. There will be someone there to let you in.

Notes to Parents:

  • Compass Prep is not a school, and we do not maintain educational records for the students. We are a social group that partners with parents and instructors to provide an environment for learning independence and peer- group interactions at the high school level. It is the parents’ sole responsibility to maintain transcripts and other records for their enrolled child.
  • Compass Prep does not employ or contract instructors. They are employed/contracted by the families who have students participating in their classes. For this reason, Compass Prep does not pay the instructors; you, the parents, pay them directly. The Leadership Board, however, maintains supervisory authority over the daily operations of Compass Prep. Instructors offering classes at Compass Prep must submit a National Criminal History Background Check. While Compass Prep works diligently to contract space to instructors with strong qualifications, we understand that teaching style and personality will vary among instructors. For this reason, Compass Prep does not guarantee satisfaction with instructors or their classes. Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns with the teacher before contacting the Leadership Board. If there is an unresolved issue that reflects a more serious nature, please inform the Leadership Board of your concerns at that time.
  • Compass Prep is a drop-off program. It was designed to give the students more independence academically and socially. We do not have the space in the church for parents to wait for their students.

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